Xtralite Energy Savers

Xtralite is currently one of the leading brands in the market with high reliability and unmatched quality.

Xtralite energy savers have:
  • Xtra Life: Long life of 6,000 hours (3 years*)
  • Xtra Light: 5 times Light output (as compared to incandescent lamps)
  • Xtra Savings: Help you reduce your electricity bill upto 80%
  • 1 Year Warranty
Please visit our display centres to view our complete range.

Xtralite enerygy savers are available in:
  • 11W Full Spiral
  • 12W T2 Half Spiral
  • 14W 2U
  • 18W 3U
  • 25W Half Spiral
  • 45W 4U Lotus
  • 85W 5U Lotus